You are a service manager and want more impact on your remote technical support?

Great! Augmented Support let's you support smarter and more efficient from distance in real time.

Augmented Support eliminates the common frustrations of remote technical support. Say goodbye to mediocre support calls and improve your response times, lift your first-time-fix rates and lower your service costs. Outperform your competitors technical support with our solution. No matter if its for customer or field support.

The Augmented Support delivers tools that empower the expert to have direct impact on the user situation. The expert can see the user situation in real time and annotate on it to provide the necessary support.

An extra pair of eyes is a plus, how about an extra pair of hands?

Pay per minute

Augmented Support only let’s you pay for the actual time you spend in conversation. With us there are no expensive licenses and no fix cost per user. Add as many users as you want to your own secured environment.

Cloud based

The Augmented Support solution runs on our cloud platform. No hassle with extra installation, just download the app and off you go!

1-2-3 Start

Start in less than 3 minutes. Set up your users in the admin site of your own support environment. Let users download the free app from the store and let's get started.

No training

The augmented support solution has an extremely comprehensive user interface and crosses any language border. It was designed for ease of use, so no upfront training is need. We welcome every die-hard legacy engineer to challenge this.

Multiplatform & Multidevice

The Augmented Support solution runs on Android, iOS and Windows. It can be used on smartphones and tablets and on every type of smart glass. It runs perfectly on a Windows Surface, an extra camera is advised when using regular laptops.

Offline mode

No internet or data connection? No problem! In the offline mode you can you can prepare a later call by taking pictures, annotate on them and save them. You also can consult every uploaded document, plan or picture.

Augmented Support

Step into the future of Service & Support

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Augmented Support - Free Demo

With Augmented Support you can provide remote real time support which make your expert virtually present on the scene

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