Also convinced that augmented reality will change (literally) the way we look at the world today?

As an Augmented Reality Expertise & Knowledge Center we try to convince the entire world of the benefits of this new and innovative technology.

Augmented Reality applications provide added value by creating customer delight and gaining process efficiency in daily businesses.

We make our knowledge and expertise available through public speaking, organizing workshops, providing demos and training sessions. Or maybe you just want to know more about it while having a drink at a bar.

As the company behind the Augmented Support Solution, a real time Remote AR solution for providing technical support, we also know how to deal with this technology in a more practical way.

That Augmented Reality will change (literally) the way we look at the world today is 100% certain. It is time to take this technology serious for your organization. We would like to recommend this article from the Harvard Business Review why every organization needs an Augmented Reality Strategy.

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Why do we believe in Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that will affect the way we currently work and live.

Enriches the Real World

Real world objects observed through a smart device can be enriched by adding virtual elements and information.

Improves Process Efficiency

Efficiency is improved thanks to additional virtual information that is augmented on the real world.

Reduces Costs

A digital AR ‘companion’ makes sure that work can be executed faster, on a lower cost and with a lower error rate.

Supports Digitization

All data generated by the application will be in a digital format. This data can be used for detailed (big data) analysis.

Increases User Engagement

Users can interact with real world objects through the augmented virtual elements which increases engagement.

Increases & Accelerates Sales

Sales will be increased and accelerated by providing additional personalized virtual information.