General Sales Conditions Viu More NV

1 .Only the current General Sales Conditions are applicable, unless when they are modified in writing by us.  They exclude all other terms and conditions or changes stipulated by our customer from, whatever the reservations that are made.

2. All invoices must be paid at least on the due date stated on the front side of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

3. Each invoice is considered accepted by the debtor, unless within eight (8) calendar days after the invoice date a protest was filed by means of a registered letter.

4. In case of non-payment on the due date, the buyer pays Viu More NV a late payment interest of 12%. This interest is calculated monthly. Every new started month is considered as a full month. This increase is legally due without prior notice being required. The non-payment on due date of one (1) single invoice, makes the outstanding balance of all other invoices immediately, even not expired invoices, legally payable. All of collection costs, court costs and protest costs are borne by the buyer.

5. In case the non-payment of an invoice exceeds thirty (30) days after due date or in case of protest, composition by court or bankruptcy of the buyer, we're allowed to automatically and without notice, suspend all our deliveries and services, and to do so without compromising our right to any form of indemnity.

6. Belgian law is applicable on all disputes regarding to our invoices. All disputes arising from our invoices fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of and shall be settled exclusively by the Courts of Ghent.