Augmented Support Product tour

Real time remote AR for Technical Support
Get the job done! Better, faster and cheaper than today

A video is worth 1.8 million words...

So, watch the video and get a first impression of the basic functionalities

Product Overview

The Augmented Support solution is the number one solution for real time support with complex issues. It enables users to communicate with an extra touch, adding video functionalities and creating remote impact on the situation.

Move over voice and video calls, here comes AUGMENTED.

The Augmented Support solution let you add virtual elements in real time to the conversation. The virtual elements are shown in real time on both sides of the call. It adds great value, replacing long descriptions by a soft touch on the screen.

Giving support has become easier than ever. The basic concept creates a huge impact on the first-time fix rate.

Augmented Support is a cloud-based solution that let you communicate worldwide with voice and video. Every smart device can connect to our server.

The solution is multiplatform and runs on Android, iOS and Microsoft.

Every organization gets its own secured environment where they have full control over users and usage. The online admin panel gives you meaningful insights.

Product Features

The Augmented Support delivers tools that empower the expert to have direct impact on the user's situation. The expert can see the user's situation in real time and annotate on it to provide the necessary support.

An extra pair of eyes is a plus, how about an extra pair of hands?

2 way real-time video annotation

The Augmented Support application sets up a videostream between two users, on which both users can draw freely on the same time.

This way users can circle, color or draw clear instructions for one another. Annotations are easily made with a mouse or finger touch. Free forms, arrows, rectangles and color selection are all at the users disposal.

Screenshot Augmented Support Live Annotations

Say it faster with an icon

An icon says more than a 100 words.

With the Augmented support tool it is very easy to drop symbols into the application which every one knows. A very quick way to indicate whether there is danger, risk of fire, high temperature, no entry or if you just did a good job!

From the admin panel, you even can upload your own icons, symbols or pictures you need to easily drop in the scene.

Need more details? Zoom in on the picture

In the Augmented Support Tool on any moment one can take a picture of the situation.

Pictures will show up below and create a timeline of what has been done so far to solve the issue. On all pictures both users can draw annotations and zoom in to details.

Have you got an example picture on your device? With the Augmented Support tool you can add any existing picture in jpg or png into the conversation. It’s a great way to get even more detailed info closer to the user.

On top, every picture will be saved locally on both the users and expert device.

Screenshot Augmented Support Picture Mode

Share and discuss documents in real time

Does a pdf-manual, a plan or an electrical scheme come in handy to solve the issue? The expert user who is in a controlled environment can easily share any pdf document and bring it into the conversation. He can then annotate on it, and guide the user through the manual.

It’s a great way to educate juniors in the field.

Screenshot Augmented Support PDF Manual

Take control on the situation

With this feature the expert user that gives support can virtually take control fo the situation by bringing in any object.

It creates an immersive experience so the user can be guided by the hands of the expert. The expert can virtually bring in his hands or any tool into the real time video.

The object is shown in real time at the users side.

Screenshot Augmented Support Virtual Objects

Instant messaging

Send your partner a text message whenever there is too much noise in the environment.

An all known function but ideal for sending textual correct information.

Screenshot Augmented Support Chat Function

Picture only call when on low bandwidth

Sometimes you don't have enough bandwidth avaiable on the network where you're connected on to have a normal video call. During the call you can quickly change to the picture call mode. The voice connection remains but you can send pictures instead of a live video stream. Also from the start menu you can choose to start a picture call instead of a video call. 

Human interaction

Although mostly you want to show the problem situation… Augmented support also enables human interaction. In face-to-face mode we convert Augmented Support into a high quality video call.

Screenshot Augmented Support Face to Face mode

Two heads are better than one

Sometimes it's necessary to have more than one pair of expert eyes on the scene. After all, two heads are better than one. The Augmented Support application allows you to have multiple experts in the conversation to look over the shoulder of the technician to support him.

Screenshot Augmented Support Multi Person Call

Broadcast your desktop screen

Sharing your desktop screen provides you the opportunity to support or train one or more technicians at the same time with all tools available on your desktop or laptop. The more types of information (e.g. powerpoints, videos, webpages, ...) you can show to help, the faster the job done will be completed.

Screenshot Augmented Support Desktop Sharing

Record crucial scenes

Sometimes you want to store crucial scenes for eternity. The Augmented Support application gives you the opportunity to record important scenes necessary for later use. Recorded videos can be used for training purposes or for later use during a similar support job.

Screenshot Augmented Support Video Recording

Centralize all your documentation in the cloud

You can centralize all your documentation (manuals, instructions, plans, pictures, notes and videos) in the cloud and make them available for everyone in the field. No more paper trail anymore.

Version updating and distributing becomes much easier that way. Just upload the new version and everyone immediately has the new version available.

Cloud Documentation

Prepare before calling

Augmented support can be used in an off line mode so crucial preparation for the call can be done by the user.

Augmented support allows you in off line mode to take pictures and indicate what the problem is. Afterwards these pictures can easily be brought into the conversation to discuss.

The feature allows the user to document whenever there is no internet connection as well.

Screenshot Augmented Support Offline Mode

Consult manuals or plans wherever you are

Say goodbye to the paper trail. In the Augmented Support application you can upload and consult all your manuals and plans in a digital format. No more piles of paper in the back of the car. Just everything available on one thin mobile device.

Screenshot Augmented Support Offline Manual Reading

Create a user in 1 2 3

All users are managed through an online admin panel. Users are created in 1-click. All you need is a valid emailaddress so the user can receive his login information and password.

The accounts are created in less than a minute, and are readily available upon creation.

Keep track of calling records

All the calls are logged in the Augmented Support Admin panel.

As an administrator you can quickly check the details of the call. (not the content offcourse). We provide full information on who called who, for how long and when it happened.

All records can be exported to get better insights.

Faster Response Times

Real-time remote support will give you the opportunity to reduce your response time to almost zero

Higher First-Time Fix

An expert (virtually) present on the scene will supervise the scene which leads to less errors and a higher first-time fix rate

Cost Saving

Increasing response time, an increasing first-time fix and reducing travel time will save you money in the end

Lower Travel Costs & Time

Providing real-time remote support leads to decreasing travel costs and time

Outperforming Competition

Augmented Support provides an ideal recipe for outperforming the competition: a new way of working, higher efficiency and lower costs

Reduced Ecological Footprint

Reducing travel will have a large positive impact on your ecological footprint which benefits sustainability in your business